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Creative Idea

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Bitcoin Titanium

We at Titanium BTC Coin ensure the best in class and the most advanced encryption technology present. Our block chain technology allows Titanium BTC Coin the capability of surpassing Bitcoin and other digital currencies when it comes to the speed of money transaction. The block chain system allows you the ability to protect your account from all attacks. Your transaction cannot be breached and compromised.
By virtue of the decentralized and shared nature of the Titanium BTC Coin arrange it ends up being more vivacious and adaptable as it winds up doubtlessly greater. We encourage all customers to run a full center, in case they can.

Our Services


Titanium BTC is a decentralized crypto currency and thus no third party controls the transaction the transactions are between the users.


We have added a number of security layers on wallet as well as website so that your information can not be compromised.

Peer to Peer

Peer to peer transaction is done to ensure no interference of any third party.


We have a limited supply of 21 Million coins.

Fast & Accurate

The transactions are very fast and are accurate and the amount transfered is not tampered by any third party.


Once you hold Titanium BTC Coins or tokens it become an interest giving and growing asset for you which is very valuable


One of the most benefits of staking is that it eliminates the necessity to invest in expensive mining hardware. you only have to be compelled to buy the coins and hold them in your wallet. subsequent issue to try to to is to take a seat back and watch as your wallet balance grows in value. It’s like having a high-interest checking account on your computer, your tablet or smartphone.


Our TitaniumBtc mining system is appropriate for people who square measure unaccustomed the planet of crypto currencies, further as for cryptocurrency specialists. we tend tosquare measure a team of specialists in digital currency sector, and our TitaniumBtc Coin mining algorithmic program is intended to supply the foremost economical and reliable mining profits. TitaniumBtc Coin miners will use any device to mine their TitaniumBtc coins.


Lending platform are introduced to the TitaniumBtc Coin dashboard when the conclusion of the ICO period. you may invest your TitaniumBtc Coin coins or tokens within the TitaniumBtc Coin lending program and will avail daily profit based on volatility software. once your TitaniumBtc Coin lending program investment term are over you’ll GET YOUR CAPITAL BACK otherwise you may reinvest it to continue obtaining the profit.


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What our client says

Titanium BTC is one of those rising platforms which will compose the future of digital payments. Titanium BTC has prooved its ability to stand at the top in the current tough competition of crypto currency market and will soon become a trademark in this crypto market.


Forex Trans

Investing with Titanium BTC is one of my best experience in my life and I am damn sure it is going to be one of my best and live changing decision as Titanium BTC has a bright and adorable future for itself and it’s investors. I am a proud investor of Titanium BTC!


Marketing Head

The planning of Titanium BTC has been always ahead of time. They have super minded employees, long vision, and tough targets, these are the reason why it’s one if my favourite. Since I always co operated with them, I always got benefited.



Decentralized and peer-to-peer nature of the Titanium BTC Coin network it becomes more robust and resilient.

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